PLA Hong Kong Garrison Visits Chu Hai
October 12, 2012

 珠 海 學 院 校 董 會 主 席 江 可 伯 博 士 ( 左 ) 致 送 紀 念 品 給 中 國 人 民 解 放 軍 駐 港 部 隊 副 司 令 員 董 朝 大 校 ( 右 )珠 海 学 院 校 董 会 主 席 江 可 伯 博 士 ( 左 ) 致 送 纪 念 品 给 中 国 人 民 解 放 军 驻 港 部 队 副 司 令 员 董 朝 大 校 ( 右 )Deputy Commander of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Hong Kong Garrison, Senior Colonel Dong Chao, led some eighty soldiers and officials today (12 October) to visit Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

During the visit, the PLA delegation went on a tour of campus facilities, including two broadcast studios and a civil engineering laboratory. They also listened to the progress of the construction on Chu Hai’s new campus in Tuen Mun by Professor Chang Chung-nan, College President.

In addition, the delegation, organised into three groups, attended lectures on Chinese literature, architecture and music, followed by a casual lunch with students. Our guests enjoyed the sharing time with students which was such a good opportunity to enhance mutual understanding and friendship.

After lunch, the delegates and students played a friendly basketball game in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere.